DIY home projects to help your house sell

Having a home on the market means your house needs to be kept in show condition at all times. That is not an easy feat. Keeping your property spotless is hard enough, but going the extra mile to make it stand out— that takes some creative planning. Check out these seven unique projects you can do on your own to help ensure your home has a major impact on house hunters.

DIY Homemade Air Fresheners

People are very sensitive to scents, which is why it is important that your home have no distinct or pungent smells. However, you do want to keep the air fresh and light, so having some kind of all-natural air freshener on hand can be helpful. A spritz of essential oil in each room is an easy way to add a touch of scent to the air. Simmer pots can fill the whole house with hints of herbs and fruits. For small spaces, a simple opened jar of baking soda is often enough to eliminate any unwanted odors.

Virtual Home Tours Via Zoom

These days, many house hunters expect a virtual home tour before they’ll ever step foot inside your home. Consider showing your home through a video conferencing platform like Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. Buyers can virtually see each room, asking questions and getting a detailed experience of the property to help them decide if a physical walk through is necessary.

DIY Curb Appeal

Your front door is more than just the entrance to your home, it is the centerpiece of a good or bad first impression. Even if you don’t have the budget for a major outdoor overhaul, you can make a few hundred dollars go a long way to improve curb appeal. Keep your lawn neat and trim. Add pops of colors with a few flower beds and trim back any trees and shrubs that are getting out of hand. Another big improvement that is often overlooked— modern, updated address numbers

Chalkboard Messages

Generate excitement about your listing by encouraging visitors to leave a note on a small chalkboard placed near the entrance to your home. Ask them to write what they like most about the property or leave a message about their experience on the tour. Think of it kind of like a guest book— a way for people to let others know what kind of gem they have found. You might also leave fresh-baked cookies beside the chalkboard as a sure way to make a lasting impression — and make your home smell delicious!

Seasonal Photos

Whether you are selling your home or trying to find prospective renters, you can quickly turn interest into action by setting out photographs of your property during various seasons. You can print some simple images of your home and put them in nice, decorative frames prior to tours. Go the extra mile by showcasing your property in different seasons, so house hunters get a good idea of what to expect summer, winter, fall and spring.

Pre-print the Paperwork

Instead of relying on people to complete paperwork when they get home, encourage them to get a head start on sealing the deal (and beating out the competition) by printing those documents in advance. Provide applications, financing options and all documents relating to the house, like inspections, appraisal reports and warranties, near the front entrance during home tours.

Whether your property has been on the market for three weeks or three months, if you’re feeling stagnant, thinking outside the box can help get more movement on your home. Try out one or more of these unique ideas to help get the offers rolling in. 

Photo: Pexels