Projects that promote green living

Ray Flynn and Bret Engle have been best friends since the 4th grade. Their first DIY project came at age 10 when they built a treehouse, complete with an (ill-advised) homemade zipline exit (Please don’t tell their moms!), in the woods behind Bret’s house. Although they grew up and had to get “real” jobs — Ray is a civil engineer and Bret is an architect — their love for DIY home projects and repairs has never died. Few weekends go by without the two getting together to work on whatever their latest project happens to be (And, no, it isn’t just an excuse to have a post-DIY pint of their newest home brew…

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Project Ideas


Eco-Friendly Materials

Indoor project ideas focused on natural materials


Eco-Friendly Materials

Outdoor project ideas focused on natural materials


Great Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself

They say a car starts to lose its value the moment you drive it off the lot. Thankfully, your house is entirely different.

Our Book

After years of collaborating on DIY projects, Ray and Bret started writing down the best tips they have come across. They’re excited to announce their book How to DIY Damn Near Everything will be coming out soon!