Our Book

Ray Flynn and Bret Engle have been best friends since the 4th grade. Their first DIY project came at age 10 when they built a treehouse in the woods behind Bret’s house. While “borrowing” tools and materials from Bret’s dad’s tool shed, they came across How to Fix Damn Near Everything by Franklynn Peterson. The book inspired them to put their newfound love for DIY to work around their respective homes, and over the years their DIY skills improved.

When they decided to write a book together, they knew they had to pay homage to the book that started it all, and that’s when How to DIY Damn Near Everything was born. The book features Ray and Bret’s best tips based on their years of collaborating on DIY projects. It lays out project steps and needed tools and provides photos to lead readers from step to step. It’s a must-have for every DIYer’s bookshelf.

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