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Crafting has many wonderful benefits. For example, crafting reduces stress by giving our minds a break. Crafts we really enjoy induce a state of relaxation, boost happiness, improve mood and can help with trouble sleeping. Some people use their crafts to help others, like those making masks for frontline workers. Others find they can make a living (or at least some extra cash) by selling their craft, like knitting, art or music. While not just anyone can make a living with their hobbies, everyone can experience some advantages just from having one. 


Looking for a new craft but aren’t sure you have the right skills? Look no further! This DIY crafting tutorial and project list has something for everyone.


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There are so many wonderful craft and DIY projects you can begin regardless of your skill level. You can make—and even sell—knitting, sewing, crocheting and other objects. Even if you haven’t fully developed these skills, don’t worry; just keep practicing and you’ll get there. Crafting of any type can be an exciting and rewarding challenge.