The DIY Guys are at it again. In this review, we’ve walked away from the garden and went straight for work meant for a man’s hands. Tough work that requires a tough glove. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that you can’t go plunging your hands blindly into your work without the proper protection. That’s where gloves come into play. Whether you prefer leather or the nubile feel of nitrile, we’ve got the gloves for you.

If you’re wondering, yes, you really do need a good set of work gloves so quit being stubborn and pick a pair. Not only will they help protect your hand from harmful chemicals and cuts, but work gloves can also prevent burns when you’re working with moderate heat. Different types of glove are best suited for different jobs but the following eight gloves have shown their mettle in more ways than one.

Scroll slowly, you don’t want to miss our reasons for giving a damn about these eight 10-fingered wonders.


1. Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip (Price: $11.82)

10/10 Damns Given

Custom Leathercraft’s Handyman Flex Grip work gloves make the top of our list for more reasons than one. Not only are these synthetic leather gloves shrink resistant but they are insulated to keep your hands warm when the weather gets gross. A strap on closure keeps these high-quality gloves in place no matter how much you sweat. notes that these gloves feature three touchscreen fingertips. Hey, everyone has their priorities.

Garage Tool Advisor says these gloves are great to help protect against chafing and drying and says the stretchy spandex side make these gloves great for any size hand. They are padded at the fingers and around the palm and have one really neat feature: concealed stitching. We would’ve never thought of this but the way these gloves have been sewn together prevents loose threads from snagging while you work.

Bottom line: At less than $20, these gloves can keep you from getting stuck with a massive emergency room bill while keeping your hands comfortable and warm.

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2. Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves (Price: $12.78)

9/10 Damns Given

If you work with oil or slippery surfaces, Maxiflex’s Ultimate Nitrile Grip work gloves are a damn fine choice. Not only are these bad boys affordable – a three pack is less than 15 bucks – but they are functional and can help you maintain your grip when things get slick and slimy, and no, we don’t really want to know what you’re sticking your hand into. Unlike other nitrile gloves, these are fully breathable, so your hands won’t slip out looking like a shriveled up old lady’s. says these gloves are great when dexterity is a must and says these are great when you work in assembly or material handling. notes that these are the go-to gloves when you’re working with fine details. Maxiflex’s Ultimate Nitrile Grip work gloves are about as close to second skin as you can get without pulling an Arya Stark and training as a Faceless Man.

Bottom Line: Three pairs for the price of one makes these a no brainer for you cheap DIY SOBs.

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3. Mechanix Wear Impact Pro Gloves Black (Price: $36.48)

8/10 Damns Given

The Impact Pro by Mechanix Wear was built for protection and performance (kind of like us in our 20s). Featuring unique thermoplastic rubber safeguards, these gloves protect your fingers while the padded knuckle soaks up unexpected impacts from tools slippage. Our first impression of these gloves left us almost speechless at the quality of the stitching, padding, and overall construction. and Thoroughly Reviewed claim these are best when working with power tools and reports that the anatomically-correct palm contour absorbs shock and prevents hand fatigue.

These gloves would not look out of place at any worksite and can stand up to just about any abuse that you can doll out. These gloves are perfect for big man hands and feature an easy-entry stretch elastic cuff that makes it easy to slip them on and off when needed. These gloves were inspired by race car mechanics who require the ability to work fast while avoiding injury.

Bottom Line: These gloves are a little pricey but were built to last; they were designed for daily use and can stand up to abuse.

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4. Mechanix Wear Material4X Original (Price: $25.87)

8/10 Damns Given

Let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way, this is the second pair of Mechanix Wear gloves on our list, but it’s not the last. This form-fitting set of gloves is made of TrekDry material to keep your hands as comfortable and cool as possible. Like the previous set, they feature thermal plastic rubber fingertips and an adjustable cuff. Mechanix’s Material4X gloves are constructed with a seamless microfiber material that delivers unparalleled abrasion resistance and guards against tears better than others synthetic leather gloves.

Hand protection is great and all, but our favorite feature is that the Material4X is machine washable because, let’s face it, our hands stink after a long day of blood, sweat, and tears. says these are great when you’re working with copper pipe and rough wood. Morning says they are ideal for DIY renovations.

Bottom Line: You really can’t go wrong with Mechanix Wear brand work gloves but take the time to compare features before laying down your cash. 

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5. Epica Cut Resistant Gloves (Price: $9.95)

7/10 Damns Given

These gloves might not put off a great first impression, but these cut resistant hand coverings by Epica are the perfect example of looks being deceiving. While they lack features such as padding and a secure wrist strap, these gloves are perfect when you use your hands over and over again near sharp objects. says Epica has done an amazing job at creating a glove that protects against cuts 4x better than leather.

Thoroughly Reviewed says these food-grade gloves are a top choice because of their strength. We like them because they are comfortable and can easily be slipped on and off and shoved in a pocket when you don’t need them. They are not meant for use operating heavy equipment but are perfect for woodworking and carving.

Bottom Line: We say “hell yes” to these gloves if you’re working with wood or sharpening your other tools. 

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6. Mechanix Wear Material4X M-Pact (Price: $30.41)

6/10 Damns Given

These are an upgraded version of the Material4X at the midpoint of our list. These are constructed of an extreme abrasion-resistant synthetic leather and offer an added layer of padding at the palm, which is separated so you don’t sacrifice hand maneuverability. says Mechanix Wear gloves provide the perfect level of protection for tradesmen in rough and tough positions.

The Mechanix Wear Material4X M5 glove easily disperses impacts energy and features a reinforced fingertip and flexible material along the thumb for maximum grip. These gloves could’ve probably sat comfortably closer to the top of the list (they make the top at Thoroughly Reviewed), but they are a little more expensive than most DIY folks want to pay.

Bottom Line:  Mechanix Wear gloves are about the best of the best and you can’t go wrong no matter which style you choose. 

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7. Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact (Price: $26.57)

6/10 Damns Given

These are real gloves for real men and are almost identical to the MPact gloves one spot higher on the list. Featuring D30 padding at the palm and form-fitting TrekDry material, the biggest difference between these and other Mechanix Wear gloves is the camouflage and the ridiculously cool embossed finger and thumb, which gives you unrivaled grip from a pair of leather gloves. The nylon carry loop means you can clip them on your belt or tool bag when not in use. called Mechanix Wear MPact gloves sturdy and robust. While we agree, we had to keep ourselves from giggling like schoolgirls when’s review said they were good when you had to handle your heavy tool and vibrating machines.

Bottom Line: Camouflage is like glitter for men and you should buy the damn gloves if for nothing else than to exude your manliness all over your DIY projects. 

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8. Dewalt All Purpose Synthetic Leather Work Gloves (Price: $11.88)

5/10 Damns Given

DeWalt is a well-known manufacturer of quality power tools so it only makes sense that they put together a glove perfect for operating heavy machinery. The synthetic leather glove features a unique terrycloth backhand, which is perfect for wiping sweat off your forehead when you’re working harder than you probably should be. In between the fingers you’ll find neoprene for flexibility and breathability. You’ll also find neoprene around the knuckles giving you a little extra leeway if you need to make a fist or grip something tight.

DeWalt’s all-purpose synthetic leather work gloves might be at the bottom of the list but they are not a bottom of the barrel product and feature important touches such as a Velcro wrist strap to keep them in place. says they are great when you need flexible grip and says they are an excellent glove for reducing wear and tear on your hands.

Bottom Line: For the price, these gloves are an inexpensive addition to your DIY arsenal. 

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